The rewrite of PowerDialer

Part of PowerDialer configuration interface

Powerdialer is an automated dialing service that optimizes the process of calling contact lists. It frees the caller from repetitive tasks like dialing, dealing with voicemail, sending follow-up emails and the like.

PowerDialer session start interface Dialing to start a session

Welcome screen and session connection
on the new PowerDialer

The service automatically connects a caller to a contact list, using a web app and the caller's own phone

Its web interface allows one to control the phone, leave pre-recorded voicemail in the background, plan upcoming calls, take notes related to the callee, etc.

The request

When ArchAgent reached out to us, the product was already popular on the real estate scene, getting a good amount of use by several clients. The web part of PowerDialer was however getting old and lacked in flexibility, while the company wanted it to improve and meet the demands of new industries. This is where we were brought in.

Our work

Our main goal was to go through the web client and rewrite it to make it more flexible. Doing so, we wouldn't modify the back-end's existing API code, which is maintained by ArchAgent's team. The look of the app was also changed to make its reimplementation quicker on the development side, and we used the occasion to improve on the clarity and availability of information throughout the interface.

Part of PowerDialer's new interface elements

The visual language we developed allows for a clear, compact display of the necessary data & controls

To create an application that could be modified and adapted to each market, we opted for building on a new architecture. We resolved, with our ArchAgent and their partners, to use a framework that would allow us to write a complete web client that remains detached from the service's calling and data storage API. We found the necessary modularity and ease of maintenance in Angular.js, with which we set off to build the new PowerDialer.


The updated PowerDialer is now in use in three different industries, for each of which custom features have been made. More so, it is now possible to adapt the application again and again, and to configure it in a way that makes a real impact on its effectiveness in each new market.